passenger elevators

These types of elevators are often designed for buildings with more than two floors with the use of floor-to-floor movement.Passenger lifts have a cabin with suitable dimensions and decor and safety equipment for ease of use. The kind of elevators are installed and executed on the basis of the building conditions and potential facilities inside or outside the building.

Features of the passenger elevators

  • Applicable with single phase power
  • Applicable to up to three cabin doors
  • ·         Applicable without engine powerhouse
  • With a soft, quiet movement.
  • Applicable to the speed of ۵ meters per second.
    Power saving up to 70 %
  • Connectable to the building management system
  • Applicable to both tensile and hydraulic methods
  • Has an emergency system during power outage
  • Executable up to eight lifts as a group
  • Internet connection capability to manage elevators
  • Usability in crowded environments such as offices, hotels, etc.

Passenger elevators are widely used and are found almost in most of today’s buildings. According to the kind of application of these lifts, the safety level should be raised very high, and used the best equipment to manufacture it.Because the slightest fault in the passenger elevator system can cause irreparable damage to people and buildings.

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